The Mead Family Foundation is a private foundation, founded by Scott Mead in 1996, supporting opportunities in education, the arts, sports and medical research globally.


The Foundation identifies, evaluates and supports emerging and more developed artists, activities and initiatives, across many areas and locations. The Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicited proposals.





"You have to try new things, and support for them is more likely to come from philanthropists than the NHS budget, generous though that is. It's the job of philanthropists in society to get out on the thin end of the branch.


Philanthropy often has to be further upstream from mainstream research. Some of it is speculative, let's face it, but investing in situations before they're 100 per cent proven is what philanthropists do.


Based on the research I've read, the advice I'm getting and the feelings I have in my heart for this, art can make a difference, even though we don't know for sure what that difference will be."


Scott Mead, speaking to Claire Wrathall, Financial Times, October 2017.