Gosh Arts – Creative Workshops at Great Ormond Street Hospital

In continuation from the creative workshop held at Hamiltons Gallery with children from Great Ormond Street Hospital, Scott and the studio team from Bramley Studio constructed further workshop programs to take place within the hospital.

Three workshops were developed accommodating for different locations within the hospital, from the waiting room, to bedside for individual engagement, to the activity centre for group work.

They were all grounded from Scott’s photographic practice and images from his series Above the Clouds, and were adapted according to the children’s response, energy and age.

The children explored tactile materials, photographic processes and worksheets to build narratives and capture moments. Interaction and visual relationships were central to the workshops, allowing children the opportunity to create and express based on their own experiences.

The workshops aimed to offer the children a moment of insight into themselves, act as a tool for inspiration and distraction, as well as reinforcing a positive hospital experience involving their families and hospital staff.