Gosh Arts – Young People’s Forum at Hamiltons Gallery

Scott and the studio team at Bramley Studio were delighted to host Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Young People’s Forum at Hamiltons Gallery, where Scott was exhibiting his latest series of works ‘Above the Clouds’.

As part of Scott’s exhibition and to build on his support of Great Ormond Street Children’s Charity, a group of children were invited to the gallery for a tour, followed by a hands-on workshop. The workshop activities were developed based on both the curation of photographs in the gallery and Scott’s book Above The Clouds, published by Prestel (2017).

The aim was for the children to explore Scott’s images and way of working. The exhibition tour comprised of analysing groups of photographs seen within the architecture of the gallery and focusing on the content of selected images. This allowed the children to be introduced to choices being made when framing a picture through the lens of a camera and the process of curating.

The activities were designed to borrow from the diptych and triptych frames on view, responding to a narrative sequence. ​By referencing these frames the focus was on the children placing themselves in the eyes of the photographer, asking them what was seen or could have happened before the image was taken and what happened subsequently. Sharing ideas about compositions, colours and patterns through individual and group exercises, the children explored constructing their own narrative and reflecting on the idea of a journey.