Gosh Arts – Great Ormond Street Hospital

GOSH Arts is the arts programme at Great Ormond Street Hospital, funded by Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. The team’s participatory programme, art commissions and temporary exhibitions inspire creativity, create welcoming environments, and offer meaningful cultural opportunities across a variety of art forms for patients, families and staff.

This work plays an essential role in enhancing the hospital experience at GOSH. Engaging with visiting artists and having art integrated into the hospital’s buildings helps to create more relaxed spaces and contributes to reducing stress and anxiety for our visitors and staff.

The Mead Family Foundation has supported GOSH Arts since 2010 and was instrumental in supporting the programme in its early years. As a passionate advocate for the clinical value of art in potentially improving the prognosis of children in long-term care, the commitment is reflected both in philanthropic work and Mead’s photography practice.

Mead and Bramley Studio have also given additional support to the hospital’s patients through a range of photography workshops and creation of activity sheets inspired by his work.

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